Event Rules & Information

  1. Frostfall Prayer event goes from 23 Dec 2022 until 7 Jan 2023.
  2. Completing some tasks and obtaining cards can be done even without logging in to Facebook/Discord/VK, but exchanging these cards into prizes and performing lucky draws requires the participants to be logged-in to Facebook/Discord/VK.
  3. Each card has its own rarity and probability of being obtained after completing tasks.
    1. Snowgent Card: Common - Probability: 40%
    2. Smiley Card: Common - Probability: 40%
    3. Frostfall Tree Card: Uncommon - Probability: 15%
    4. Round Giftbox Card: Rare - Probability: 4.5%
    5. Tall Giftbox Card: Extremely Rare - Probability: 0.5%
  4. The Prizes on the lucky draw have their own probability of being won.
    1. 1 Random Card - Probability: 45.575%
    2. Huge Stamina Potion*1 - Probability: 45.575%
    3. Rare Summoning Crystal*1 - Probability: 5.25%
    4. Mythic Extract*1 - Probability: 5.25%
    5. 5-star Psychic Power*1 - Probability:1%
    6. Premium Prize - Probability: 0.5%
    7. Grand Prize - Probability: 0.1%
  5. There are five different pages that participants can access during this event;
    1. Main Page - This is where participants can view their prizes and card collection. Participants can also exchange their cards here into prizes and perform lucky draws.
    2. Tasks Page - This is where participants can view and complete tasks to obtain cards. There are 2 different types of tasks; Daily tasks, which can be completed once every day, and One-time tasks, which can only be completed once for the entire event duration. Some tasks can only be completed by logging in to Facebook/Discord/VK.
    3. Rewards Page - This is where participants can view the prizes they've exchanged or won in the lucky draws. PRIZES will show a code that can be redeemed in the game.
    4. WoR Gifts Page - This is where participants can view the in-game Frostfall event.
    5. Rules Page - This is where participants can view information and rules about the event.
  6. The amount of each prizes that can be exchanged or won are limited per day. Make sure to get them before it runs out or you can wait for the following day for the amount of these prizes to be refreshed.
  7. WoR official has the right to cancel any giveaways to a participant if it detects the use of cheats, abuse of bugs, or any other action that put other participants at a disadvantage. These illegal actions are highly discouraged and may result in the banning of your account from participation in future events.